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Barista at pour and twist creating their custom coffee on the counter.

Pour & Twist

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    13 Garrett Street, Te Aro, Wellington

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    Pour & Twist

As Aotearoa’s first fully manual coffee brew bar there’s no espresso machine in sight. Rejecting the typically fast pace of your morning coffee run, Pour & Twist invites its customers to slow down and consider their drink. It’s about tasting the coffee as well as appreciating the art of how it was made. 

Reminiscent of the small, caffeinated hideaways of Tokyo and Singapore, Pour & Twist is a narrow, minimalist space that buzzes with warmth and camaraderie. A long bench invites customers to connect with others if they’re in the mood, with coffee being the main (but not only) conversation point. 

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While you can’t get an espresso at Pour & Twist, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from. Brew methods include SwissGold, Chemex, Aeropress, and Siphon. Single-origin beans are sourced from the best roasteries here and abroad, and brew methods are selected to make the most of each bean’s profile.

The drinks menu is simple, with a few bolder options for those who are feeling adventurous. Order hot coffee black, opt for matcha instead, or even a combination of the two. You can grab a Grey Marble, made with activated charcoal powder, coffee, cream, maple, and milk. Or indulge in a Kopi — traditional Malaysian-style coffee with condensed milk. The summer options include cold brew, of course, served black or white. There’s also a super refreshing coffee with soda water, and other lovely homemade, non-coffee sodas. There are small cakes and scones to nibble as you savour your drink. 

Pour & Twist is a place for coffee aficionados, as well as those who are keen to learn. In a fast-paced world, this space encourages you to be mindful, slow down and enjoy the coffee.